What is the difference between the Platinum and Heritage Collections?

We created two different desert safari collections with two very clear motivations.

Range Rover Luxury Desert Safari

Our Platinum Collection was designed for a discerning guest who is accustomed to the finer things in life. Luxurious SUV’s, dining around an oasis inside a royal property, falconry and access to the Conservation Reserve. Away from all crowds, the Platinum Collection ensures privacy and exclusivity.


Our Heritage Collection focuses on showcasing the Dubai local culture and heritage, yet still in comfort and style. Utilizing 1950’s Land Rovers, sampling Emirati cuisine, entertainment and local traditions, the Heritage Collection has been designed to engage our guests in UAE history. Rather than read about it or sit and listen, our guests will have a chance to participate in a range of activities, bringing history to life.

When should I book my Desert Safari?

Platinum Heritage only operates in-house vehicles, operated by our own highly trained staff. Therefore, we have very limited capacity and quite often sell out weeks in advance. Once you have confirmed your travel plans, it is strongly suggested that you book your desert safari before you arrive to avoid disappointment. Our online booking system contains live inventory so you can see if seats are still available.

My Hotel is not listed. Where will you pick me up from?

We list the most popular hotels (from a possible 650 hotels and apartments in Dubai). However, we will pick you up from any hotel in Dubai. Please phone 04 388 4044 for information about pick-ups from other Emirates as additional charges may apply.

Do I need to tip my Conservation Guide?

Many of our guests want to recognize the tremendous contribution our Conservation Guides make to their experience. However, there are no obligations to include a gratuity and if you do, the amount depends completely on your generosity. Our Conservations Guides donate part of their gratuities each month to Kiva. This is a non-profit organization that provides interest free business loans in developing or war torn countries. You can follow our team and loans we made on Kiva at Platinum Heritage page.

Why am I being asked to book a private safari car for kids under 5?

There are numerous reasons why a private vehicle is required for an under 5 including :

  • The desert safari driving will be toned down to accommodate a younger child. If you are sharing a car with others, they may not appreciate this.
  • It is mandatory by law that youngsters are placed in a car seat. This would remove the chance of seat rotation which makes it fair for everyone.
  • Youngsters can get scared, cry, sick etc. In this case, the safari would be cut short. If this was the case, the other people you are sharing with would be rightfully entitled to compensation.

If a private car is  still not an option, we can arrange a separate transfer for one parent and the child, where you will be dropped directly at the falcon show without the wildlife drive. This rate is normally lower than the price of a private car where your family can enjoy the wildlife drive together.

How can we donate proceeds towards desert conservation?

You already do! A portion of your fee is donated towards Conservation of the UAE desert. We provide support for a protected area which ensures the future of the region’s desert habitats and bio-diversity. It is managed according to sound scientific ecological principles, aimed at protecting natural resources and maintaining original desert landscapes. Please let us know if you would like to make an additional contribution.

Are there any dangerous animals (spiders, snakes, scorpions) at the desert camp?

Bedouins would build their camps on the top of sand dunes for many reasons; to catch any cool winds, to avoid low areas susceptible to flash floods, to keep watch on approaching tribes, and to avoid snakes and scorpions which prefer low lying brush. Platinum Heritage has constructed the industry’s first camp sitting on top of a dune.

Other desert safari companies build in a “pocket” in order to protect against heavy winds. However, this comes with the disadvantage of being very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Not to mention that they become the unwilling home to lots of creepy crawlies like spiders, scorpions and snakes which prefer low lying areas. We can avoid this and take advantage of the cool Dubai afternoon breeze, using nature’s natural air-conditioning and pest control.

My English is not too good. Can I pay for a translator?

If you speak Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese, our talented team will be able to help you for no additional cost. Please just let us know at the time of booking so we can try to accommodate your request.

Will our Desert Safari be cancelled if there are not enough people booked?

When we publish an operating day on our website, we will operate this desert safari even if there is just 2 guests booked.

Do you accommodate vegetarian guests or those with allergies?

Most of our dishes are vegetarian. However, if you have a special request or food allergy, please let us know so that we can accommodate your request.

Will I go dune bashing?

Dune Bashing is an adventure sport and suitable only for those with a taste for a very rough ride and who can accept the possibility, like with any motorsport that accidents do happen. From our years of experience in the industry, we know that the majority of people like the idea of dune bashing more than the activity itself.

We don’t agree that making our guests sick, frightened or injured is right. Instead, we conduct more “African style” desert safaris where we head out in search of local Arabian flora and fauna. We also avoid dune bashing due to it’s damaging environmental impact. 95% of the animals in the Arabian desert are subterranean and cars driving fast over the side of dunes bury the animals habitat and destroys the small trees and shrubs vital for their survival.

What time will I be picked up for my Desert Safari?

We never want our guests to be sitting for long periods in the lobby of their hotel. Instead we prefer to give a precise pick-up. However, there are numerous factors which make it impossible to provide a precise pick-up time at the time of booking. At the time of booking, you will have a 1 hour range to help you plan your day. We will then take the following steps on the day of your safari…

1) Phone you at your Hotel room and advise you of the pick-up time. If you are not in the room…
We leave a message with the Concierge

2) Send you a confirmation email. If you are not in the room and we were not provided with an email address…

3) We will phone or leave a text message on the international number you provided.
If you have not received a message by 1pm on the day of your tour, please phone 04 388 4044.

Will you pick me up for the Desert Safari from a private residence?


We are happy to pick you up from a private residence if you book a private car. The reason for this is that the numbering system in many residential areas (Springs, Arabian Ranches, Meadows etc.) can make it very time consuming for our Safari Guides to find you. If you have shared transport, it is very unfair for other guests to drive around your area while our Safari Guide struggles to find your location, pass through security, navigate the streets and finally find your villa. Instead, we have a central pick-up in each location (i.e. Burger King in Arabian Ranches, Spinneys in Springs etc.)

What should I wear in the desert?

The weather in the Dubai desert is very different than in the city. During the day, loose fitting clothing and shoes that can be easily removed (flip flops/sandals/thongs) are best. However, at night, please use the following as a guide…

May-October – Loose clothing, shorts, t-shirts etc
November – April – Dress in layers.

It can become quite cold in the desert as soon as the sun sets. Especially between December-February, the temperature can get down below 10 degrees Celsius. Jeans, closed shoes, shirts, cardigans or even a jacket is required on cooler nights in the desert.

Why are there alcohol restrictions?

As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, Dubai is a Muslim state and alcohol is not permitted under the rules of Islam. While the Rulers of the country have shown great flexibility in allowing alcohol service in Hotels, we wanted to showcase the authentic traditions, warmth and hospitality of the Arabian culture. We know that educated guests will appreciate one night where they get to respect and enjoy the local culture

I am pregnant. Am I able to go?

This is a very personal decision to make and depends on the progress of your pregnancy. However, if you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy, you would not be bothered by our wildlife safari as it is only slightly bumpier than driving on a dirt road.

However, we do not suggest the safari for any guest during their last trimester. If you want to play in safe, you can ask to be dropped directly to the sunset stop and wait for the other guests or better yet, arrange a late transfer and arrive at the sunset stop at the same time as everyone else.

The Land Rovers are 60 years old. Are they reliable?

Utilizing the first 4WD ever introduced in the UAE, our 1950’s Land Rovers are collectors’ items and this is the only place in the world you can experience these vehicles driven in the desert. Most 4WD’s (modern included) take a lot of maintenance to drive over the dunes every morning and night. When a vehicle is 60 years old, it takes daily monitoring and maintenance which is why we have a full time Mechanic on hand in order to take preventative maintenance.


However, things happen and vehicles do break down (even modern ones). We have spare vehicles travelling with the convoy just so a breakdown becomes part of the adventure and not something that would cause a delay or result in guests missing anything. If something does happen during the desert safari, enjoy the adventures as many generations before you have done (see the picture below taken in Al Ain in 1958).

Will my Desert Safari be cancelled if there is inclement weather?

Our camp is located approximately half way between the cities of Dubai and Al Ain. Dubai experiences a coastal weather system that is usually associated with high winds and rain around 5-7 days per year. Al Ain is at the base on a mountain-range and is subject to higher of concentrations rainfall.

Our camp is located between the two weather systems and does not usually enjoy rainfall as high as either centre. It is due to this lack of rain that there are a great deal less trees and plants in the desert than in either city. So, if you see a weather report for rain and storms in Dubai, quite often the sun is shining with vivid blue skies at our camp. Please check with us before changing your plans. If the tour is not able to operate due to inclement weather, compensation will be automatically offered.

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