Why do our Conservation Guides wear green?

Platinum Heritage is the only desert safari company in Dubai with 100% in-house and extensively trained Conservation Guides. We advocate sustainable travel and a mission to conserve Dubai's natural environment, wildlife, culture, and traditions. Our Conservation Guides play a vital role in taking care of our guests throughout their entire experience. They make sure our guests' day is filled with laughter, smiles, and, most of all, they educate them about the importance of sustainability.

The Conservation Guides' uniform was designed with these principles in mind reflecting our sustainability mission and pursuit to protect the local environment. They wear it with pride and a purpose to represent our mission.
The earthy green colour represents the Ghaf Tree.
The Ghaf is the national tree of the UAE. It is the historical and cultural symbol for stability and peace in the UAE's desert environment, as they always remain green, even in the challenging desert environment. This native plant is essential for animal and plant species survival.

Our Conservation Guides conduct a 60-minute educational nature drive in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. They focus on sharing insightful information with our guests, giving them the opportunity to learn about the importance of protecting the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and the native animals of the UAE, such as Arabian Oryx and Gazelles. Guests will have the opportunity to try and spot other wildlife such as caracals and sand foxes while stopping at selected areas of the Reserve for photo opportunities. The abundance of wildlife and plants in the Reserve testify to our combined efforts to protect local nature and the wildlife residing within the desert. We do not operate dune bashing as part of our experience. There is wildlife thriving beneath the desert's surface that cannot be seen with the naked eye. As an alternative, we conduct our nature drives that our Conservation Guides have been trained specifically to lead guests through the Reserve on set tracks to avoid harming the wildlife. We donate towards the conservation of the Reserve on behalf of every guest. 

You will also notice a slogan on the back of the Conservation Guide's uniform saying, "Your Life. Your Story. Be a Hero" – This is the motto of our group of companies, the Hero Experiences Group, that we want our guests and staff to live by. This powerful line represents our collective vision of empowering guests with our unique experiences to take control, create unforgettable memories and be the HERO of their own story.

On one of the sleeves, we have the Land Rover logo. This represents our official partnership with Land Rover. In 1948, the museum-quality vintage Land Rovers and classic Land Rover Defenders were introduced to charter the desert and was a turning point for the UAE's history. We pride ourselves in using the Series I and Series II as part of our Heritage Collection and the latest model of the luxurious Ranger Rover in our Platinum Collection. We use these vehicles to conduct our unique safaris experiences across the stunning and private UAE Desert Conservation Retreat.

 The beige trousers and boots signify the Arabian desert colours. You can find the endless sandy scenery and wavy dunes in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Whilst embarking on the nature drive in the Reserve, you will discover some rare animals amongst the dunes and beneath the sand, such as Arabian Oryx, gazelles, the caracal, sand foxes and spiny-tailed Lizards. You can spot a collection of other dogs, cats, lizards and insects that have lived in the Reserve for thousands of years. As many of these species are endangered, we ensure their safety and provide care and protection.

Although this is not a part of our Conservation Guides uniform per se, even our guests have a uniform of their own as part of their desert adventure. Before our guests venture off for their nature drive, our Conservation Guides provide headscarves, known as a Ghutra or Sheila. We aim to take our guests back in time to rediscover the Bedouin culture and way of life. We start their experience by providing Ghutra's and Sheila's and teaching them how to tie it. This Arabian headdress was worn by Bedouin traversing the arid regions for weeks at a time and provided protection from sunburn, dust and sand. The men receive the Ghutra, a rectangular white and red checkered scarf. The women receive the Sheila's, and we have countless vibrant coloured scarves to choose from.

Our Conservation Guides are always eager to share insightful information about Dubai and aim to take guests on an extraordinary and enriching journey. Our Conservation Guides day is filled with determination, passion, and enthusiasm for their work. Whilst wearing their uniform with great pride and a bright smile.