A Desert Safari in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Despite Dubai’s rapid development in the last few decades, the emirate is not all skyscrapers and indoor ski parks. The government of the UAE knew early on that their land was special; focusing on sustainability has always been of the utmost importance.

That’s why they established their first national park with the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). This landmass spans 225 square kilometres (87 square miles), or a whopping 5 percent of Dubai’s total area. It is the largest piece of land that Dubai owns.

Watch our full-time conservationist speak about the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.


There’s only one way to explore this hallowed land: via a desert safari . Traverse the beautiful desert dunes, witness endangered animals in their natural habitat, and experience a slew of authentic Emirati experiences.

Of course, you get to do it all in our restored, museum-quality 1950’s Land Rovers.

Flora and Fauna

What can you find in this protected desert sanctuary? Aside from the gorgeous sand dunes, there are a large collection of native species, both flora and fauna, that call the DDCR home.

The Caracal , Sand Fox , and Leptiens Spiny-tailed Lizard , along with a collection of other cats, dogs, lizards, and insects, patrol the DDCR as they have for thousands of years. We take great care to never impede on the natural residents of the land. Many of these animals are endangered; allowing them to roam freely was the only way to ensure their survival.

When you think of a desert, odds are, you’re not thinking about the plant life. However, the DDCR features a wide variety of plant life, ranging from the date palm (yes, the palm tree that dates come from) to the desert squash , and a multitude of others.

Authentic Experiences

While you’re bound to enjoy the desert safari, it’s not the only experience you can have within the DDCR. If you’re hungry to see more animals, we offer a range of attractions, including falconry, where you can see a falcon expert call back his pet after it snatches up its prey. Likewise, you have the option to ride both camels and horses.

Looking for something a little more modern? Experience sand-skiing, a modern thrill that lets you ski down the massive sand dunes as if they were snow. Then, at sunset, travel to the past. Make your way to an authentically recreated Bedouin camp, where you can partake of an Emirati meal, alongside shisha, henna, and belly dancers, all set to Arabian music.