Platinum Heritage is the only Ecotourism Desert Safari company in Dubai. We are advocates of sustainable travel, and our mission is to conserve the natural environment, wildlife, and culture of Dubai and its people.

Authenticity is at the core of what we do, and perfecting every detail of our Desert Safaris is fundamental to our success. As such, we ensure that our Desert Safaris embrace this great land's culture, history, and environment. We are extremely proud to have been awarded the prestigious World Travel Award for the Middle East's Leading Desert Safari Company for six years in a row and why TripAdvisor has awarded us as one of the top 10% businesses worldwide from 2012 - 2021. Most of our desert safaris authentically showcase different periods in Dubai's history.

The Heritage Collection (the 1950s) is a journey back to the turning point in Dubai's history when Land Rovers were first introduced to the desert. These adventurous Desert Safaris are a window into Dubai's past and offer an authentic encounter with Dubai's cultural heritage with the addition of a few modern comforts.
The Platinum Collection consists of the most luxurious desert safaris. Embrace modern-day times and experience the magic of the Dubai desert with a sophisticated touch. As the most exclusive collection, these Desert Safaris redefine rustic luxury and allows for experiencing the desert in elegance. We care about delivering the best adventures possible.

The Platinum Heritage Desert Safaris are exclusive, created for discerning travellers who expect the highest level of service and attention to detail.

What makes platinum heritage desert safaris stand out?


The only Desert Safari company to operate on a Royal Family member’s private property

The only Desert Safari company in the world to conduct educational wildlife drives in museum-quality vintage Land Rovers and luxury Range Rovers

Our on-site chef freshly prepares our authentic Emirati Cuisine unlike other Desert Safaris in Dubai

One of a few Desert Safari companies permitted to operate wildlife drives in the United Arab Emirates’ largest National Park, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Only Desert Safari company in Dubai with extensively trained 100% in-house Conservation Guides (not outsourced to freelancers)

We are the only Desert Safaris that have a full falconry demonstration and cultural performances from Dubai


Platinum Heritage’s Sustainable Business Mission has a holistic view of sustainability and embraces all three pillars; Social, Economic, and Environmental.

Ethical animal tourism in dubai

Camel trekking, falconry, and other animal tourism in Dubai are popular. As an ethical Desert Safari company, we follow strict animal welfare guidelines.

Food on desert safaris in dubai

Our food is prepared by professional chefs with high-quality ingredients. Discover more about the food served on Platinum Heritage Desert Safaris in Dubai.