Which Platinum Heritage Desert Safari is right for me?

Platinum Heritage desert safaris are curated for all types of travellers. From cultural adventurers to those seeking the finer things in life.

It all starts with our name – HERITAGE represents our commitment to showcasing the culture and history of the UAE authentically. PLATINUM, on the other hand, promises a premium desert experience like no other in the region.
Beyond the name, we took a step further and curated two collections, each with a different type of traveller in mind.

The main differences between the two collections are:
  • How you explore the desert (transport)
  • Style of the camps
  • Type of cuisine
  • Entertainment

Elements that are the same on both:
  • A dedicated Conservation Guide with extensive knowledge of the Bedouin lifestyle and desert fauna and flora
  • Falconry performance
  • Camel riding
  • Supreme quality product


Mode of transport
Journey back to a turning point in Dubai’s history where the introduction of open-top Land Rovers changed the way people travelled through the desert in the 1950s. You’ll get to explore the dunes and learn about the fauna and flora in the back of one of these historic vintage Land Rovers. As the wind plays with your hair and you marvel at pristine desert dunes, feel a part of history course through your veins.

Our Heritage camps are inspired by the Bedouin lifestyle and how they designed and built their homes and camps more than 70 years ago. Made with all-natural resources, and powered by hydro and solar panels, these camps are the epitome of stepping into history. You’ll be welcomed in the traditional Arabic manner with rose water, coffee and dates. The majlis is made of woven fabrics and comfortable cushions for you to put your feet up, relax and feel at home.

Type of cuisine
Whether embarking on a morning or evening desert safari with us, you will indulge in authentic Emirati and Arabic food. Morning desert safaris (Bedouin Culture Safari and Heritage Falconry and Nature Drive) can consist of traditional breakfast items such as Balaleet, Chami Cheese, Chabab (traditional pancakes), Foul Medames and others. When joining evening desert safaris (Heritage Safari and Private Night Safari with Astronomy), savour four-course meals of Hummus, Traditional Lamb Ouzi, Fattoush Salad, Sweet Luiqaimat and many more regional specialities.

Another unique element that makes Platinum Heritage stand out is our entertainment. Although belly dancing and tanoura dancing are local to the Middle East, it is not true to Emirati heritage and culture. When you’re on a desert safari from our Heritage Collection, you will be entertained by a group of Emiratis performing what is called “Yola” and “Ayala”. One consists of drumming and was used to celebrate weddings and other big events. The second one uses replicas of guns and is a celebratory dance traditionally done at the end of the hunting season. All guests are invited to participate in the drumming session and feel part of the Emirati culture and celebrations.


Mode of transport
Feel like royalty when driving through the Royal Desert Property in a modern Range Rover. Your dedicated Conservation Guide will pick you up from the city with a Range Rover, and this will be your vehicle throughout your experience. Marvel at desert dunes and native wildlife from an air-conditioned and luxurious vehicle.

Although our Platinum Camps are also built from natural resources, they are designed with the discerning traveller in mind, boasting beautiful oases, private cabanas and dining areas. The Platinum Collection consists of two torchlit camps. One has sparsely placed cabanas offering privacy while dining and complemented by a cosy lounge area. The second camp can be booked on a completely private basis. The whole evening will be a splendidly exclusive experience, with a private chef and butler, dining area and entertainment. You can even opt to have your own personal musician serenading you through the night.

Type of cuisine
Like the Heritage Collection, we offer a wide variety of dining options between breakfast and dinner. When embarking on a morning safari (Conservation Drive or Royal Falconry Training & Nature Safari) from our Platinum Collection, you will savour a five-star breakfast at the world-renowned Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa. Sit on their viewing deck and overlook the pristine desert while sipping on your morning coffee. If you venture on an evening safari (Platinum Desert Safari or Royal Platinum Desert Safari), the evening’s treats are in your hands. Before your experience, our team will share a menu to choose the dishes for your six-courses fine dining journey. Dishes include Smoked Salmon and Caviar, Mediterranean Prawns, Japanese Beef Tataki, Roasted Duck Breast, mouth-watering desserts and many more.

Entertainment during evening safaris from the Platinum Collection is quite unique, to say the least! Be nailed to the edge of your seat with a breathtaking fire and acrobatics performance, set against a beautifully lit lake.

As you can read, when deciding to book an experience with Platinum Heritage – you surely are spoilt for choice! Whether you love adventure, exploring and learning about the local culture and heritage, or if you prefer the finer things in life and like to live in luxury – we have the right experience for you! Whether you are an early riser or night owl, our activities can be enjoyed during different times of the day. Our advice?

Reach out to our Experience Consultants and tell them exactly what you are looking for. They will be delighted to help you book your ideal desert adventure!