How to teach children about Dubai’s cultural heritage

One of the most effective ways to teach children something new is by providing experience-based learning opportunities. To help children learn about the cultural heritage and natural environment of the UAE we have created a fun and educational adventure in the Dubai desert. In line with our mission to protect and showcase the cultural heritage and natural environment of Dubai authentically, we created a Dubai Culture and Heritage School Programme especially for school groups that want to experience and learn about the culture and heritage first-hand in a beautiful setting in the Dubai desert.

UAE Social Studies

Students across the UAE are required to learn about Emirati culture and Dubai. We have therefore designed an experience which caters specifically to KHDA’s (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) learning outcomes contained within the UAE Social Studies Curriculum. The Dubai Culture and Heritage School Programme has been developed in accordance with these requirements and helps teachers practically and accurately educate students about the rich Emirati culture. This programme gives students the chance to retrace the footsteps of Bedouin tribes and immerse themselves in cultural activities like falconry, camel rides and traditional performances. They will also get a chance to ride in vintage Land Rovers and try local cuisine in an authentic Bedouin camp.

Moral Education

The Dubai Culture and Heritage School Programme also considers the four pillars of the Moral Education Program (MEP) and is designed with the aim to develop students of all nationalities and ages in the UAE with universal principles and values that reflect the shared experiences of humanity. In addition to cultural heritage education, the programme covers topics about community awareness and how students can become active members in their community. One of our major aims is to educate students about the importance of looking after the environment. As an Ecotourism company, we embrace all three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environment. As such, we have included elements of each of these in the programme.

UAE Social Studies – How to teach children about Dubai’s cultural heritage

The Dubai Culture and Heritage School Programme has several focus areas which give students an overview of Bedouin life and the fundamental values that define Emirati culture.

Focus Areas

  1. Desert Environment – Spot native fauna and flora and learn about desert conservation
  2. Bedouin Camps – Discover how the nomadic Bedouin lived in the desert
  3. Falconry – Watch a falcon show and learn about the significance of falconry in Emirati culture
  4. Camel Rides – Learn about the role camels played in Bedouin life
  5. Henna – Watch henna painting and learn about its traditions
  6. Local Cuisine – Learn about Traditional Emirati food and try some dishes
  7. Traditional Performances – Watch and take part in Al Alaya, yola dance etc
  8. Bedouin Storytelling – Spend time with Bedouins and listen to their stories about Dubai’s cultural heritage
UAE Social Studies – How to teach children about Dubai’s cultural heritage

Benefits of the Programme

Experiential Learning
Learners are able to learn about the cultural heritage by actually experiencing it. This interactive learning style helps learners connect with the material and deepens their understanding.

In 2018 we were awarded the Gulf Sustainability & CSR Award for the Best Sustainability Education Programme. We are also happy to be recognised by GEMs as an approved provider.

Outdoor Learning
Learners get the opportunity to learn something outside the classroom. They get to enjoy time in nature and learn about the natural environment of Dubai.

Adult Supervision
During the programme there will be adult supervision at all times. All our Conservation Guides are professionally trained and are very knowledgeable about the cultural heritage and natural environment in Dubai. They are also first-aid certified. Our operations staff and events managers will also be on-site to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Normally teachers also join in with their class for the fun experience.

All Inclusive
The programme is fully inclusive and there will be no additional costs on the day of the experience.

Private Property
We operate in a private Royal desert retreat. This protected area is not open to the public and is very safe and secure.

The learners will have the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on, valuable and interactive learning experience. The programme focuses on achieving a high level of engagement and encourages learners to participate and ask lots of questions. If you are interested to find out more about this programme, please download the Dubai Culture and Heritage School Programme or contact us: [email protected].