The Most Photogenic Cars in Dubai

Dubai is quite well-known for its luxury and vintage car culture, and sometimes just being on the roads in Dubai can feel like you are at a supercar parade. Dubai hosts the largest automotive event in the region every year, the Dubai Motor Show which attracts around 100,00 car lovers from all over the world. Besides the other iconic car hotspots in the UAE like Emirates National Auto Museum and Ferrari World, the most photogenic cars in Dubai can be found in the desert.

The series 1 Land Rover was the very first motorised vehicle introduced to the desert and it’s claimed to be the first vehicle seen by one third of the world’s population. We chose this iconic vehicle to conduct our Heritage Desert Safaris for a number of reasons. Besides its significant connection to Dubai’s heritage and renowned reputation for adventure, the series 1 Land Rover is also extremely photogenic, especially with the backdrop of desert dunes.

The Most Photogenic Cars in Dubai

The first cars in Dubai

Our museum-quality restored fleet of series 1 and series 2 Land Rovers is the largest of its kind still operating today. These were the first vehicles introduced to the desert in the 1950’s. Before that, Bedouin relied on camels and travelling by foot as their only modes of transport. The introduction of this classic vehicle was a turning point in Dubai’s history. It was our aim to recreate an experience of this significant period of history by offering the only authentic Desert Safaris in Dubai in vintage Land Rovers from the 1950s restored to their former glory.

The Most Photogenic Cars in Dubai
The original desert safari! We found this old photo in a collection by Tim Courtney from 1968-1970 taken near Sabkah.

Photogenic cars in Dubai

Our vintage Land Rovers are very aesthetically pleasing and our growing collection features a range of different colours. Ricardo from COOLNVINTAGE, a bespoke Land Rover restoration company in Portugal, describes the series 1 Land Rover as the shape of freedom, the Coca Cola of cars and that when you look at them, you imagine yourself doing things. It’s this association of freedom and exploring the unknown that was perfect for the adventurous type of Desert Safaris in Dubai we wanted to create.

The Most Photogenic Cars in Dubai

Best vehicle for unexplored desert terrain

Nowadays, Land Rover is a popular car brand known for its off-road capabilities and as the vehicle of choice for millions of outdoor enthusiasts. In 1948, the series 1 Land Rover was invented with the simple purpose to give Britain a vehicle that could compete with Jeep. It wasn’t long until the public fell in love with the vehicle for its incredible capabilities to traverse off road terrain.

They also became popular for those who wanted a little luxury and the ability to go anywhere. This ability to venture to unexplored territories is another reason why we chose the vintage Land Rover. With these vehicles, we have been able to drive thousands of tourists every year through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve over some of the most pristine sand dunes in the Dubai desert and to hidden oases in the private Royal desert retreat.

The Most Photogenic Cars in Dubai

Iconic cars of Dubai

Vintage Land Rovers seem to reignite the explorer spirit in all of us, and the image of them traversing the desert dunes has fast become iconic to Dubai. Extremely aesthetically pleasing, it’s unsurprising that when tourists come to Dubai, they want to get their iconic Dubai travel photo with these vintage legends. The desert is beautiful and the combo with the Land Rovers creates a picturesque setting unique to Dubai for influencers, media and film crews to take amazing photos and videos. We work closely with Dubai Tourism and independent agencies to host famous travel bloggers, vloggers and nature documentary film makers who want to feature our Land Rovers in the desert to promote Dubai as a travel destination!

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The rich and the famous seem to like these icons too. Over the years, these renowned Land Rovers have been the Desert Safari vehicle of choice for celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Will Smith, DJ Tiesto, Gwen Stefani, Phillipe Coutinho and more. Read about celebrity visits.

The Most Photogenic Cars in Dubai

Sustainable vintage cars

The Land Rover Series are in demand high around the world and the availability of second-hand parts is high. The production and reusing of the spare parts is more eco-friendly than manufacturing a whole new car in itself. As with any car built over 70 years ago, these cars need to be repaired; this is what we did in order to preserve the environment further rather than taking the cars off the road, scrapping them and producing more waste.

Over the years, this has allowed us to save around 270 cars from being scrapped. Landcruiser’s and Hummers, which are typically used for Desert Safaris need to be replaced every five years in Dubai. This means that our growing fleet of 25 vintage Land Rovers have already saved 18 vehicles each from production and scrap and 270 vehicles collectively. Read about our Sustainability Mission.

For all these reasons, it’s no wonder that our vintage Land Rovers have become the ‘poster child’ of the Dubai desert! You can explore the desert in a 1950’s vintage Land Rovers on any of the Desert Safaris in Heritage Collection.

The Most Photogenic Cars in Dubai
Queen Elizabeth II with a Land Rover in 1956 at the Badminton Horse Trials in Gloucestershire, England.