The most Instagrammable moments on your Platinum Desert Safari

A night under the starry sky surrounded by the soft sand dunes is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Nature drives, lantern-lit desert oasis, fine dining under the stars, and breathtaking views all around - we guarantee you'll find more than one Instagram-worthy moment over the course of your desert safari experience.

Here are our top picks for the most Instagrammable moments during your Platinum Desert Safari.

1. Get those sheila-slaying and ghutra-good looking shots!
When you arrive in the desert, you will have the opportunity to pick out your headscarf to wear through the tour and take home as a stylish souvenir.
2. Flaunt the fauna
Capturing your very own shots of wildlife roaming about in their natural habitats is one to flaunt on Instagram for sure! Have a look at this lovely shot of a gazelle by our guest


3. Dreamy dunes of Dubai  
The desert landscape is constantly changing. With Dubai’s prevailing winds moving sand across the desert, you will notice that the dunes are always transforming, creating fascinating patterns to serve as earthy backgrounds for your desert-bucket list shot.

4. Make these museum-quality vintage Land Rovers your muse
Though you ride in luxurious Range Rovers through your Platinum Desert Safari, you will also have the opportunity to step out for a quick photo opportunity with our stylish fleet of vintage Land Rovers. Share your favourite vintage Land Rover shots with us and #PlatinumHeritage


5. Nature at its best
Your Conservation Guide will drive to you a beautiful remote lake in the middle of the desert, which also happens to be a blissful bird sanctuary.  It makes a great picture for your 'gram, so slap on some sunscreen and click away as the sun sets in the beautiful desert background.

6. Fantastic Falcon
As part of your educational and enriching nature drive, your Conservation Guide will take you to a stunning venue, exclusive for Platinum Desert Safari guests only, where a spectacular falconry performance takes place. Did you know that the falcon is the fastest bird on the planet? Well, you will be thrilled to know that you have the opportunity to grab a few snaps with it.  

7. Sunset over the dunes
Don’t worry we didn’t forget the popular desert sunset – pull up a chair and take them in.

8. Ride on camels like the Bedouin!
A camel snap makes for the perfect Dubai postcard shot.


9. Stunning Desert Oasis
Nestled in the heart of the desert, our Platinum Desert Oasis is truly a hidden gem where you can capture the most envy-inducing pictures. From the lantern-lit camps, and the serene desert lake, to your private cabana surrounded by rolling dunes - Pretty much anywhere and everywhere you look you’ll find an amazing view that is totally worth capturing and sharing.


10. Fine dining in the desert.
Calling all foodies - capture the most Instagrammable dining experience over a six-course dinner, set under the stars, in a serene desert oasis. Instagram worthy? We think so.