National Charity School Field Trip

We had the honour of hosting students from The National Charity School this morning. We all work very hard at Platinum Heritage to supply lasting memories, however, this morning reminded me of the difference that tourism providers like ourselves can make and how important “positive” memories can be.

Most of the students who visited us this morning were participating in a field trip for the first time in their lives. I came to understand from the wonderful staff from our partners at Actioncare (, that many of the students are from Syria, Yemen and other parts of the Middle East. Faced with an introduction to life that has been bathed in misery and suffering, it was so rewarding to hear shrieks of joy, faces with grins from ear to ear and giggles of delight as we approached a large herd of Oryx.

However, the reality of these tiny children’s lives came crashing down on me when I saw a young boy who headed back into the tent to devour a second helping of breakfast. I couldn’t help but wonder, when I saw this young boy eating alone, how long it had been since he had enjoyed a Chef prepared meal; if ever? Suddenly, financial results, accolades, positive reviews and industry awards paled into comparison to the knowledge that we were actually helping. Showcasing Arabian hospitality, showing these children that strangers care about them, and maybe, giving them a little joy.

National Charity School Field Trip
Approaching a herd of Oryx

National Charity School Field Trip
The students learn about desert conservation and the native flora and fauna of the desert; all this while surrounded by a massive herd of Oryx

National Charity School Field Trip
Students squeal with delight as they ride camels for the first time.

National Charity School Field Trip
Students learnt about local cultures and traditions after a filling Arabic breakfast and surprise Yola performance.

Thank you to the team at Actioncare who dedicate their lives to doing what we did today, every day. The work you do is truly inspirational.

Written by:

Adam McEwan
Managing Director
Platinum Heritage