Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari Winners

On 29th March 2019 we won a World Travel Award for the Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari for the 4th year in a row! Considered as the Oscars of the tourism industry, these prestigious awards were established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all key sectors of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

The Middle East is well known for its unique desert landscape and rich culture. Popular travel destinations like Jordan, Turkey and Dubai are very attractive for global travellers who want to experience the beauty of the desert first-hand. Over the years, Desert Safaris have become a popular way for people to venture into the wilderness and discover the unique scenery. While the concept of a Desert Safari might be similar across the Middle East, the combination of our unique eco-friendly Desert Safaris and the beautiful Dubai desert has made us stand out globally to receive this award.

10 Ways Platinum Heritage Desert Safaris Stand Out


1. The only Desert Safari company in the UAE operating inside the grounds of a Royal family members.

2. One of a few Desert Safari companies permitted to operate wildlife drives in the UAE’s largest National Park, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This reserve is teeming with wildlife like Arabian oryx, gazelles, desert foxes and more.

3. We have authentic Bedouin desert camps built traditionally using natural materials like stone, wood and goat hair and operating 100% on solar power.

4. We are the ecotourism Desert Safari company in Dubai and the only tourism company to be awarded the Green Tourism award by Dubai Tourism for our sustainability efforts.

5. The only Desert Safari company in the world to conduct educational wildlife drives in museum-quality 1950’s Land Rovers and luxury Range Rovers.

Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari Winners

6. Our Heritage Desert Safari Collection boasts the largest fleet of operating series one and series two Land Rovers. Read more about vintage Land Rovers in the Dubai desert

7. Our Luxury Platinum Desert Safaris are exclusively operated in Range Rover Vogues.

8. Only Desert Safari company in Dubai with 100% professionally trained in-house staff (not outsourced to freelancers). Our highly trained Conservation Guides can’t wait to share their extensive knowledge with you.

9. Only Desert Safaris in Dubai which serve authentic Emirati cuisine on site prepared by a Chef. We also offer cultural performances iconic to Dubai and not other parts of the Middle East.

10. We offer world-class falconry demonstrations from expert falconers.

Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari Winners

Although we were honoured to win this award, we since found out that another category exists: the UAE’s Leading Desert Safari. We were confused about this category as it seems redundant. It’s surprising that we weren’t considered for this award even as the Leading Desert Safari in the Middle East. We still wonder how we can be the best in the Middle East but not the best in the UAE, which is part of the Middle East? It’s a bit like an athlete winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics but not being #1 in their own country.

In any case, we are still proud of our achievement and look forward to living up to our title for the fifth year in a row. Thank you to all our partners, employees and most importantly, our guests for the constant support!