Which Desert Safari – Platinum or Heritage?

I don’t think we will need to enlist the assistance of a market research company to tell us that the most asked question we receive is… “What is the difference between the Platinum and Heritage Desert Safari”?
Before answering that question, we probably need to explain why we started Platinum Heritage in the first place. Through years of experience, we observed that every desert safari was pretty much the same. A Toyota Landcruiser or Hummer would take their passengers into the desert for a dune bash. This is the desert equivalent of a Playstation game (without the extra lives) where a crazed Safari Guide does his best to scare the pants of his unsuspecting guests. After the trauma of the dune bash, a simple BBQ dinner is served, guests try local dress worn by hundreds of guests before them, a belly dancer or tanura dancer would perform and guests would leave an hour or so after they arrived. It was the type of experience people would do once in their lives, a tick in the “Things To Do In Dubai” box, never to be repeated.
We had a big problem with this and knew that guests to Dubai deserved better. Not only was the experience dangerous, unauthentic and touristy, it alienated families, older guests and the more discerning travelers who have a yearning for a desert experience without cheap food and hundreds of people around them. So what was our solution? In fact there wasn’t a solution to satisfy everyone, there were two; platinum and heritage.

What is the difference between Platinum and Heritage?

1. The cars!
Our Platinum Desert Safari use the ultra-luxurious Range Rovers. Guests are picked up from their hotel, and then embark on a wildlife drive in the world’s most luxurious SUV for an adventure in both comfort and style. The maximum capacity of each vehicle is just four lucky guests.

Luxury and Authentic Desert Safari

Range Rover desert safari in Dubai

Our Heritage Desert Safari is conducted in classic 1950’s Land Rovers. Apart from seat-belts, these classic cars are unchanged from how they rolled off the factory floor over 60 years ago. This is the only place in the world where guests can experience these classics driving through the desert. However, guests will be collected from their hotel in comfortable air-conditioned vans.

Luxury and Authentic Desert Safari

The only place in the world where you can drive in Series 1 Land Rovers through the desert

2. The camp
The Platinum Dinner site is a private and exclusive location surrounded by serine desert and a blanket of stars. A private table is surrounded by flame torches and antique lamps. This site is for privacy, romance and is the ultimate desert dinner experience.

Luxury and Authentic Desert Safari

Romantic, Luxury desert dinner

The Heritage camp is a shared camp for 60 guests who want an authentic experience at a camp built in a traditional Bedouin style. This site is great for families and anyone interested in living the Bedouin lifestyle for a night.

Luxury and Authentic Desert Safari

Bedouin style authentic desert camp

3. The Food
Guests on the Platinum Desert Safari pick from an al a carte menu and will enjoy decadent dishes such as whole grilled fish, tenderloin beef kebabs, camel milk chocolates and BBQ prawns. Each dish is cooked fresh while guests enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert night.

Luxury and Authentic Desert Safari

High quality cuisine cooked fresh

Our Heritage Desert Safari menu is a feast of Arabic cuisine with numerous Emirati dishes such as shorbat adas, harees and our signature dish; lamb ouzi. Lamb ouzi is prepared traditionally buried under the ground for hours and hours until it is soft and tender.

Luxury and Authentic Desert Safari

Our signature dish is cooked under the ground until it is soft and tender

4. Personal attention
While each of our experiences focus on small groups of guests, our Platinum site accommodates private dinners.  Our staff to guest ratio is unmatched by any other desert experience with more staff than guests, ensuring all needs are catered for seamlessly.
Our Heritage camp is a shared experience with one Safari Guide for each 6 guests. With such small numbers at our camp, getting to know your guide is a certainty.

Platinum or Heritage? Decide if you want a luxury or authentic experience.

Whether you want a truly authentic desert safari experience or you want to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, Platinum Heritage has a range of desert safaris tailored to provide you with an experience that is far from ordinary.

Desert Safari


  • Pick up in a Range Rover
  • Wildlife Desert Safari in the Range Rover
  • A maximum of 4 guests per vehicle
  • Separate Falconry Demonstration
  • 10-15 minute camel ride to a private dinner site
  • Private Dinner set up. Private table and majlis
  • Platinum site maximum capacity is 16 guests
  • Al a Carte 6 course dinner with private Chef
  • Private Henna artist, Khaleeji performance
  • Private bathroom facilities
  • Staff to guest ratio of 1 to 2


  • Pick up in a Toyota HiAce or Ford Expedition 4×4
  • Wildlife Desert Safari in a classic 1950’s Land Rover
  • 6-10 guests per vehicle (4 vehicles have a capacity of 10)
  • Falconry Demonstration
  • Camel rides available at the Heritage Camp
  • Shared camp. Stone and wood construction
  • Heritage camp capacity is 80 guests
  • 4 course set menu
  • Henna, Khaleeji, live bread making, live coffee making
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Staff to guest ratio of 1 to 6