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We have been honoured by Tripadvisor as the Number 1 Desert Safari tour in Dubai, Four years in a row


Platinum Heritage

Experience the world’s most luxurious desert safaris with our Platinum Collection

Desert Safari Dubai

A desert safari in Dubai has always been the number one activity all international guests and residents have to try at least once in their life. The romance of the desert conjures up images of the golden sands of Lawrence of Arabia, 1001 nights and the soft flames of an antique lamp and a gentle bonfire casting a warm glow around Bedouins.

Somehow over the years a desert safari in Dubai became very commercial and the romance was lost. Platinum Heritage brings authenticity and romance back to the desert with the Platinum and Heritage Collections.

So what makes Platinum Heritage different to the countless other Desert Safari’s in Dubai?

Platinum Heritage is;
  • The only company in the UAE operating inside the grounds of a Royal family members private desert retreat
  • The only desert safari in the world where you can drive in museum quality 1950’s Land Rovers
  • The only desert safari in the world conducting safaris in the ultra-luxurious Mercedes G-Wagon
  • One of only two operators permitted to conduct wildlife drives inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • The only desert safari in Dubai with 100% in-house staff (not outsourced to untrained Freelance staff)
  • The only desert safari in Dubai to cook authentic Emirati cuisine fresh on site by a Chef
  • The only desert safari in Dubai offering an authentic Bedouin experience
  • The only desert safari in Dubai offering a full falconry demonstration
  • The only desert safari in Dubai operating on 100% solar power
  • The only desert safari in Dubai using natural materials like stone, wood and goat hair to construct an authentic heritage styled camp
  • The only desert safari company to have a maximum capacity of 75 guests for a smaller, more personal and intimate experience
  • The #1 ranked safari in Dubai on Tripadvisor with 95.5% ranking us as Excellent and 4.5% Very Good

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