Summer Desert Safaris

The Dubai desert can be enjoyed all year round on one of our award-winning Desert Safaris. The desert is cooler than the coast in the evenings and we’ve made a few changes to our Desert Safaris in summer to accommodate the increase in temperature. We have also added some extra special treats to our most popular Desert Safaris.

During summer, in addition to our usual offerings, we have added a complimentary Emirati cuisine delicacies tasting to the Heritage Desert Safari, Platinum Desert Safari and Camel Desert Safari. Taste fresh Arabian oysters, prepared traditionally, learn and sample the rare desert truffle which grows in the desert. For all those cheese lovers out there, we also have a selection of local cheeses to try.

Sunset and nighttime are the best times to go into the desert

Sand has little moisture so it heats up in the morning fast and loses its heat quickly in the evening. Just as the Bedouin chose to do any walking at this time of day, we do our summer Desert Safaris in the evenings as it is the coolest time.

The desert is cooler than the coast at night by 7-10 degrees

Because sand cools down so quickly, the desert is cooler than the coast during the late afternoons and nights during summer in Dubai. Bedouin would take advantage of this and live inland during the summer. Don’t melt outdoors in the city, enjoy the coolness of the Dubai desert.

Nature has its own air-conditioning

Bedouin built their camps on top of sand dunes to make the most of the breeze to cool things down. Our traditional Desert Safari camp keeps this tradition and benefits from a summer breeze. We have also embraced modern technology and have cooling units in our camp.

Air-Conditioned Desert Safari vehicles

If you would like to experience our signature Heritage Desert Safari in vintage, open-top Land Rovers you can. If you would prefer a closed-in air-conditioned car to explore the desert and wildlife, then you can opt for this at no additional charge. You can also choose to upgrade your vehicle to a luxury Range Rover for an extra fee.

Summer Desert Safari Dubai - Enjoy a Cool Summer in Dubai
Summer Desert Safari Dubai - Enjoy a Cool Summer in Dubai