Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Platinum Heritage offers the number 1 Morning Desert Safari in Dubai on Trip Advisor. This is due to our Heritage Morning Desert Safaris being the world’s only Desert Safari to use museum quality, vintage Land Rovers or our Platinum Desert Safaris offering luxury Range Rovers. Platinum Heritage is also the only Desert Safari in the world to take place on Royal Desert Retreat in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with an onsite Chef preparing authentic and gourmet cuisine. Platinum Heritage is also the only Morning Desert Safari Dubai offering a full falconry demonstration and the only Desert Safari Company in Dubai who has won the Green Tourism Award due to our environmental commitment. We choose a gentle wildlife drive over the sand dunes spotting Arabian oryx, gazelles and native desert animals over the dangerous and environmentally damaging dune bashing.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and how we exceed our guest’s expectations every day. If you prefer your Desert Safari in the morning, find out why Platinum Heritage is the number 1 Desert Safari in Dubai.

If you would prefer, we also have Evening Desert Safaris or a Overnight Desert Safari