Iftar Desert Safari- Ramadan

Iftar Desert Safari- Ramadan

Ramadan – 17th May – 15th June 2018


Throughout Ramadan, be welcomed as a Guest to a traditional iftar in a magical setting in the Dubai Desert. On our Heritage Desert Safari and Camel Desert Safari take a step back in time and experience Ramadan in Dubai as it was 50 years ago.

Break the fast at a sunset falcon show the traditional way with dates, chami cheese and sparkling date juice and enjoy the company of local Bedouin as they share stories about Ramadan in the region. Afterwards arrive at your luxury desert camp, lit with gentle flames nestled inside a private Royal desert retreat and enjoy a scrumptious Iftar dinner under the stars. On our Platinum Desert Safari enjoy a lavish six-course Iftar meal with additional fine delicacies.

Traditional Dubai Suhoor Experience
Dubai Traditional Iftar Experience
Astronomy with Desert Safari

Enjoy all the regular activities of our desert safaris with the additional experience of star gazing and learning about the night sky with our resident Astronomer and his professional telescope. The middle of the desert, away from the city lights is the prime location to admire the stars of Arabia.

Join us for Ramadan and experience an Iftar in Dubai like no other.