Falconry Desert Safaris In Dubai

Falconry in Dubai is a significant part of the history and rich cultural heritage of the UAE. It is one of the country’s oldest traditions and goes back more than 2,000 years. The Falcon is the national bird of the UAE and is a strong element of the Bedouin culture. It represents courage, determination and pride. Traditionally Bedouins used Falcons for hunting and as a source of survival in the desert.

Experiencing a Falcon show is a must-do activity in Dubai. It is incredible to witness professionally trained Falcons as they dive and swoop for lures. Modern training techniques like drones are also used to train them and keep them fit. You can really appreciate how spectacular these creatures are up close and get a chance to hold them on a glove or admire them as they majestically fly above during Falconry Desert Safaris in Dubai.

In the past, Falcons were caught during their migration across from Europe to Africa, and skilfully trained to use for the hunting season and set free again at the end. The fastest animal in the world, the Peregrine Falcon can reach speeds up to 390km/h, making it the perfect hunting partner. Bedouin used Falcons predominantly to hunt Habara, which is a wild bird. Today Falconry has evolved to become a noble sport in Dubai. Falcons are widely respected, treated almost like Royalty – the relationship between the trainer and Falcon is very close.

An impressive Falcon experience unique to Dubai is Hot Air Ballooning with Falconry. These Falcons were professionally trained specifically to go up on Hot Air Balloons and fly from the balloon basket at 4,000ft. This is the ultimate opportunity to witness the speed of flight of the Falcon. You can view world-class Falcon shows on any of our Desert Safaris in Dubai. If you are interested, you can also experience longer Falcon shows and other interactive birds of prey demonstrations with other birds like Harris Hawks and Desert Eagle Owls on any of the Falconry Desert Safaris above.