What are your team building goals?

Knowing what you wish to achieve out of team building means we can put together itineraries to suit your goals. Are you looking to reward your employees for their hard work? Are you integrating new colleagues into the company? Do you want to improve a specific aspect such as team work, communication between different departments, or increase motivation?

We can help you choose from our team building activities to suit your specific objectives.

At Platinum Heritage we offer a range of activities suitable for a variety of different groups. If you do not mind getting some sand in your shoes, and really want to get in touch with the environment around you, then the physical activities such as Build-A-Tent, Stepping Stones, Crab Race and Tug of War are the way to go!

If you are looking for an activity that is more of a mental challenge, we have a Treasure Hunt, Blind Pentagon and Giant Puzzle.

We will work with you to choose the best suited to your team. We can guarantee whichever you go for – it will be lots of fun!


Treasure Hunt

The mission is to discover the treasure hidden in the sand dunes.
Game instructions:

  • Each team will be given an envelope with GPS coordinates (Global Positioning System) and a GPS navigation device.
  • Enter the GPS coordinates and give instructions to the Conservation Guide to follow directions in a vintage Land Rover to find the treasure.
  • The team that finds the treasure in the fastest time wins.

Blind Pentagon

This is a team activity all members must participate in the challenge.
Game instructions:

  • Each member of the team will be given blindfolds. Once the blindfolds are in place each team will be given a length of rope.
  • The team task is to form the shape of a perfect pentagon, with the rope, without removing the blindfold.
  • Once the team believes they have completed the task they must raise their hands and call for the Marshal who will check to see if they have completed the exercise correctly.

Giant Puzzle

Put your heads together to solve the giant puzzle!
Game instructions:

  • The team has to complete a puzzle made out of giant puzzle pieces to reveal the hidden image.
  • All the pieces of the puzzles will be mixed up.
  • The time limit is 30 minutes and the fastest team wins.


Build A Tent

Pitch a perfect Bedouin tent from the 4 pieces given to you!
Game instructions:

  • Each team will be given a picture of the Bedouin tent and 4 pieces for the tent.
  • Each participant of the team will have to contribute to figure out how to build a tent.
  • The most accurate representation of the picture and fastest time wins.

Crab Race

First to reach the finish line!
Game instructions:

  • The team will be placed two by two in single file.
  • The first ones of each row tie their ankles with a cord or a handkerchief.
  • The pair will run with their ankles tied until they reach the first point and back.
  • The ankles are untied and the handkerchief is handed to the next couple.
  • First team to finish wins.

Tug of War

Tug of War is one of the most ancient games known to man!
Game instructions:

  • A sport that pits two teams against each other in a test of strength.
  • Each team pulls on opposite ends of a rope.
  • Pull the opposition over the marker line towards the centre so that the mark passes the centre, resulting in a win.
  • Winning team will have won at least two of the three pulls in the match.

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