• Why do we not serve any alcohol?

We do not serve any alcohol on our premises, as we want to showcase the authentic traditions, warmth, and hospitality of the Arabian culture. For us it is important to educate our guests on Arabian culture and tradition.

  • Do you make provision for guests with dietary requirements?

Yes, providing you advise us in advance of any special requirements i.e. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut allergy, lactose intolerance, we can accommodate any requests.

  • Can you provide a Conservation Guide who speaks my language?

Our team Conservation Guides speak up to 13 different languages between them, so there is a high likelihood we can provide a Conservation Guide who speaks your language. This is subject to availability and we do not charge extra for this service.

  • Is it possible to brand the camp with company branding and make speeches?

Yes, you can if you have a private camp. There are other advantages to having a private camp some of which are listed below:

  • Flexible timing
  • Customise and brand the camp if required
  • Speeches may be made to your guests if you wish
  • It is possible to customise the entertainment
  • Complete privacy from other guests
  • Why do you insist on a private camp for 20 guests or more?

For groups of 20 people or more we insist on a private camp as large groups can be disruptive to our other guests and we wish all our guests to have the best experience possible.

  • Can we bring our own alcohol?

As we conduct our safaris on the property of a Royal family member, we have a strict no alcohol policy, so no it is not possible for clients to bring their own alcohol with them.

  • What if it rains or there is inclement weather?

Our camps are located approximately half way between the cities of Dubai and Al Ain and are located between the two weather systems and does not usually enjoy rainfall as high as either Dubai or Al Ain. If you see a weather report for rain and storms in Dubai, quite often the sun is shining with vivid blue skies at our camp.

In the unlikely event of rain, the tents at the camp are waterproof and we do provide rain proof capes. The transport can be changed to covered vehicles if necessary, on request.

  • Does your company offer dune bashing or quad bikes?

We do not offer dune bashing or quad bikes on our premises due to its damaging environmental impact. 95% of the animals in the Arabian desert live just under the surface of the sand and vehicles tearing up the sand by driving on the dunes bury the animal’s habitat and destroys the small trees and shrubs vital for their survival.

  • What is the difference between the Platinum Heritage collections?

Our Platinum Collection was designed for a discerning guest who is accustomed to the finer things in life. Luxurious Range Rovers, dining around an oasis inside a royal property, falconry and access to the Conservation Reserve.

Our Heritage Collection focuses on showcasing the Dubai local culture and heritage, yet still in comfort and style. Utilising 1950’s Land Rovers, sampling Emirati cuisine, entertainment and local traditions, the Heritage Collection has been designed to engage our guests in UAE history. Rather than read about it or sit and listen, our guests will have a chance to participate in a range of activities, bringing history to life.

  • How many people can your camps accommodate?

We have a range of different sized camps to accommodate anything from two people for a completely private dinner through to large scale events for hundreds of people.

The camp will be allocated based on your requirements and the number of people. You are always welcome to come out to do a site inspection to view our facilities and for larger groups we strongly recommend you do so.