Emirati Cuisine Desert Safari

Operates Daily (05 June – 30 Sep)

Vintage Land Rover

4-Course Dinner

Falcon Show

Camel Rides

Cultural Entertainment

At Platinum Heritage we serve quality traditional Emirati Cuisine on our Desert Safaris, freshly prepared by our onsite chefs. This summer we want to give you something extra, a deeper insight into traditional fare of Dubai and the techniques of how it is prepared.We have 3 scrumptious taste testings on our evening desert safaris:

Enjoy fresh oysters from the Gulf Sea grilled traditionally or naturelle

Taste the very rare desert truffle, very different from their European counterpart.

Compare goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s cheese from the region and see if you can tell them apart.

Oysters are a culinary treat all across the world and have featured in the region’s cuisine for some time. Enjoy Oysters plucked fresh from the ocean and prepared either naturelle or traditionally grilled with a garlic butter sauce.

Discover a little known delicacy of the region; the desert truffle. Go on a culinary journey with our chef to bring this exotic treat to life.

Taste cheeses of the region including a sheep’s milk cheese and the famous halloumi made from goat’s milk.

Also enjoy all your regular safari dishes. On our Heritage Desert Safari and Camel Desert Safari watch and learn how traditional Lamb Ouzi is prepared along with other Emirati signature dishes.

On our Platinum Desert Safari still have your choice of mains on our 6 course dinner such as Australian Angus steak or salmon and prawns cooked for you by our onsite chefs.