Dubai Cycle Tours

Dubai is well known for its coast line, miles of white sandy beaches. It is also known for its deserts. What better way to explore them than by bike! Dubai’s leading bike tour company, Dubai Cycle Tours, will make it an amazing experience with their ultra-fun electronic fat bikes.

Glide effortless over the sand of Dubai’s most famous beaches and over rolling dunes on an E-Fat Bike. Fat bikes have tires that are, you guessed it, are fat! This means they can go ‘off road’ easily.

The electronic assistance means that you can choose the pace of the tour for what is best for you. Crank it up to turbo for maximum assistance or cruise with light help, or for the fit, no help at all!

On the beach stay off the busy foot paths and explore the beach on the sand! The Dubai desert is a must-visit on your holiday here. Ride on the beautiful sand dunes enjoying the beautiful outdoors, watch the birds soar in the sky and discover the tracks of wild animals. Have fun and get active in Dubai's desert - a truly unique environment. Our E-Fat Bikes are perfectly adapted to this unusual cycling terrain so you can enjoy your ride over sand and the dunes with the level of effort you desire. During the tours our certified guides will show you and inform you about interest points along the beach and the flora and fauna of the desert, the movement of the dunes and how to safely ride on sand.