Coronavirus Statement – Message from the CEO

Coronavirus Statement – Message from the CEO

Finally, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel as the world seems to be emerging from the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Our thoughts are with those who have lost love ones, for those who have been affected by the harsh economic impact of the crisis and everyone who has experienced illness, isolation or loneliness during this time. We are optimistic that the future will bring a new perspective and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the world around us.

As we look ahead, we have been given the opportunity to reflect on what is truly important to us; our purpose has never been clearer than it is right now. Platinum Heritage is part of the Hero Experiences group of companies with a collective vision to create empowering and unique travel experiences for people in the most sustainable and innovative ways possible.

As an experiences driven company, facilitating lifelong memories and allowing our guests to share special moments with loved ones is important to us and coincides with our mission to protect the UAE’s cultural heritage and abundant yet fragile natural environment. Seeing wildlife around the world thrive without constant human interaction has reaffirmed our commitment to preserve our delicate ecosystems and share these special environments with conscientious and compassionate guests who share our passion for sustainable travel.

In light of Covid-19, many tourism businesses will need to drastically revamp their procedures in order to keep their guests safe. The safety of our guests is paramount and I can honestly say that no drastic overhaul has taken place within our group. This is because we have always taken great care to uphold the highest hygiene standards in the industry and due to the outdoor nature of our exclusive experiences which have always offered an alternative to mass tourism.

Platinum Heritage Coronavirus Statement

Our luxury Platinum Desert Safaris have always provided exclusive and remote spaces for guests to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the desert and our adventurous Heritage Desert Safaris were always enjoyed because of the fresh open-top vintage Land Rovers which avoid the damaging impacts of dune bashing. Our HERO boats have always been enjoyed as a private, self-drive experience and our Hot Air Balloons have always offered a unique way to gently glide over Dubai’s pristine desert dunes.

While we have taken some additional measures that exceed the highest standards of both Dubai Tourism and the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels guidelines, these extra measures will not significantly alter the experience that our previous guests loved. You can find out more details here: Hero Experiences Covid-19 Protocols.

We are all heading into uncharted territory and we invite you to join us on this journey with optimism, hope and an unwavering commitment to preserve our natural wonders and cultural traditions for future generations. For us, the adventure isn’t over!


Adam McEwan

Group CEO