Team Building

With our experience in catering, entertainment, audio-visual and transportation, your event will be arranged from A to Z by a professional team who have already run successful events for many Fortune 500 companies, VIP’s, celebrities, Government Departments, Heads of State and regional corporations.

Incentive Events

“Incentive programs can improve performance in teams by up to 44%, and in individuals by 25%.”

Stolovitch H, Clark R, & Condly,S. Incentives, Rewards, and Workplace Motivation (2002) Society of Incentive and Travel Executives Research Foundation. Sourced from August 2012

Our incentive events help employers to reward performance, motivate work effort, and create company loyalty. In a challenging economic climate, employers are looking to engage and motivate their sales teams. Sales success is often more about attitude and confidence than it is about hard work.

Our programs are designed to reflect the uniqueness of our product and destination in order to provide an event that employees with speak about for years to come. Afterall, when was the last time your company event was hosted inside a royal retreat surrounded by native wildlife?

Employee Rewards and Recognition

In a recent study, 77% of employees surveyed said that they would consider leaving if they were not recognised enough for their contribution. But the picture gets worse with Gen Y as 86% would leave compared to 77% Gen X and 63% Baby Boomers. Platinum Heritage tours and events are a perfect way for you to reward the contributions of your team. Cash rewards have been proven time after time to be ineffective as compared to experiential rewards. Rewarding a sales team with a morning safari and breakfast with a Bedouin or recognizing the efforts of your “employee of the month” with a Platinum Dune Dinner, will create talking points, loyalty and motivation that last significantly longer than the equivalent cash bonus.

Business Dinners and Luncheons

Dubai has a range of world class culinary options for hosting a business lunch or dinner. However, business dinners are not all about the food – first and foremost they should be a chance for people to talk and socialize – restaurants which are too loud, too “hip”, too formal or fancy, or too informal for that matter will detract from your event. A private and memorable lunch or dinner inside a private desert retreat will ensure that your lunch or dinner will be the corporate and social highlight of your guest’s business trip.

Promotions and Product LaunchesWhether it be a new vehicle, technology, real-estate development or an upcoming winter promotion, our unique location is the perfect place to host a memorable and bespoke launch. In an age where everybody is triple booked, unless you have big news or a big draw, it’s hard to get people to show up. Even if your company isn’t introducing the next iPhone, it doesn’t mean you can’t organize a product-launch event that will draw crowds and create plenty of buzz for your new product.

Team Building Activities

Our professional team will become your business partner to truly understand what your hard and soft goals are for your organisation. Based on your goals, we will design team building activities that integrate with real time work goals. Whether your aim is to improve problem solving, business processes, team confidence or presentation skills, our experienced team will design a program specifically for you in order to maximise your team’s potential.

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