School Desert Safari Programs

Platinum Heritage has instituted a number of programs to give your students an opportunity to learn about Heritage and Culture of the UAE.

Here at PH, we believe that heritage of the UAE, culture, arts and environmental studies are an integral and vitally important part of education, which serves to benefit the students’ academic learning.

Our programs encourage an intensity of effort and focus that is healthy for the elementary school aged children as well as older students and provides opportunities for your students to be active learners.

Our programs are conducted inside the confines of the 225sq km Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and inside the private desert retreat of a prominent member of the Royal family. Both of these venues ensure safety, security, privacy and exclusivity.

Our programs include:

  • Nature Program (This tour of the fauna and flora of the Dubai desert conservation reserve is designed to assist students in identifying the different species that occur in the desert as well as to gain a better understanding on how they live and survive)
  • Cultural Program (The program will engage students in a range of activities experienced by the Bedouins of the UAE. These activities include:
    • Environment Bedouin Camps
    • Falconry
    • Camels
    • Henna
    • Food
  • Overnight Camping Program (This program allows the students to completely immerse themselves into Bedouin life. Students will explore the starry desert skies, search for nocturnal animals and will meet a local Bedouin.)

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