Dubai School Culture and Heritage Program

Platinum Heritage has put together a programme that specifically covers the Moral Studies curriculum in Dubai which was implemented by the KHDA to educate students about the Heritage and Culture of the UAE. Here at Platinum Heritage we believe that heritage of the UAE, culture, arts and environmental studies are an integral and vitally important part of education, which serve to benefit student’s academic learning. The students will have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience which opens up the programme to all age groups! Our programme is conducted inside the private desert retreat of a prominent member of the Royal family. This venue ensures safety and security for all the students who take part in the experience.

Our programmes focuses on Bedouin life. The programme will engage students in a range of activities experienced by the Bedouin of the UAE.

  • Environment – Where did the Bedouin live? How did they use the environment around them to survive?
  • Bedouin Camps – Where would the Bedouin build their camps? What were they made of?
  • Falconry – Why is the falcon the UAE national symbol? How did the Bedouin train their falcons?
  • Camels – Why was the camel important to the Bedouin?
  • Henna – How was henna used in the Bedouin life.? Students will learn how to apply a henna tattoo.
  • Food – What would the Bedouin eat?