Ramadan Groups

Ramadan is the period when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, but it is also a time which brings people of different nationalities and cultures together where people gather for iftars and suhoors across Dubai. With this holy month around the corner, it’s time to decide where you will gather with business connections, colleagues and employees for an iftar and suhoor corporate event.
Nothing compares to experiencing iftar and suhoor traditionally in an authentic Bedouin camp in the Dubai Desert. This year we will be hosting Traditional Iftar Experiences and Traditional Suhoor Experiences throughout Ramadan. Imagine taking a step back in time and travelling on 1950s Vintage Land Rovers to a magical setting nestled inside a Royal Desert Retreat. Spend an evening mingling and bonding with your work colleagues over delicious traditional Arabic dishes under the starry Arabian night sky.

Hear stories about Ramadan and the cultural heritage of the UAE and get involved with cultural activities like camel rides, henna, falconry, traditional Arabic bread and coffee making, astronomy and more. Connect with colleagues over shisha or a game of backgammon and cards and immerse yourself in the true spirit of this special month.

From boutique business start-ups to the likes of ENOC, Western Union, Piaget and Monte Blanc, we have worked with a full spectrum of businesses across sectors of all sizes to host unforgettable desert events for their business connections, employees and colleagues.

Whether your group is small or large, we can accommodate over 200 guests for a journey with an authenticity that no ordinary restaurant in Dubai can match!

  • Break the fast in true Bedouin spirit - take a step back in time this Ramadan

    AED 350