Desert Safari Corporate Events

The Ultimate Desert Safari Experience Awaits Your Company in Dubai

  • Private, exclusive desert safari tours that cater to your group’s every whim
  • Professional chefs for Emirati authentic cuisine, experienced in all its splendor
  • Museum-quality 1950’s Land Rovers give you that “historic” cruising feel
  • 100% in-house staff serve you with flawlessly-trained perfection
  • Unparalleled service assures you and your group of the excursion of a lifetime!
Host Your Corporate Event with Us!

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine being with a group of your closest friends, associates, family members, or fellow adventure seekers. You’re in the middle of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, riding in a luxury Range Rover and a legendary 1950’s Series 1 Land Rovers. Totally in comfort. And in awe.

As you look out the windows of your vehicle, what you’re able to see all around simply amazes you. It’s the awesome beauty of the Dubai desert – which, as you may know, is unlike any other untouched desert in the world. You’ll be traversing the private land of a member of the Royal Family. This is their land you’ll be on. And you’ll be one of only a handful of people to do so.

We are one of only two companies allowed by the UAE to conduct safari tours on these pristine desert areas – if that tells you anything…


Our corporate clients are primarily Fortune 500 corporations or celebrities, and they rely on us to provide the kind of successful experience that’s expected at the highest levels. So if you’re looking for the perfect place for your next corporate event, this is unlike anything you could possibly experience anywhere else.

Ideal for team-building… rewards and recognition… incentives… conferences… training… amazing race styled events – you name it! This is where the world’s elite are choosing to expand their horizons and experience new worlds.

And you can, too.

Our custom-tailored safari tours will delight everyone in your group

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve will be your destination, and a lifetime of wonderful memories will be your reward. The desertscapes are simply breath-taking, from morning until night.

You’ll be housed in authentic old-style (but modern-built) “heritage-style” camp. It has everything you need, but it’s made of the unique local natural materials of stone, wood, and goat hair. “Authentic” is an understatement when you see our base camp.

“Amazing” is the word people usually use.

You’ll also love our authentic Bedouin experience, plus our full falconry demonstration. The entire operation runs 100% on solar power, so there’s a level of “off the grid” security that can’t be beat. We can provide any capacity required for your needs, and guarantee you and your guests the private and intimate experience you desire – especially for corporate security.

The best desert safari experience in Dubai, as featured in…

Send us an inquiry to request a highly detailed bespoke proposal that will be customized to the particular needs or your organization.

It will be the one experience you will never forget. Nor regret.


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