Travelling to Dubai in Summer

May 9th, 2018

Like most casual travelers, certain new stories strike fear into your heart. In early July, temperatures in Abu Dhabi and Dubai neared 122 degrees Fahrenheit (or 50 degrees Celsius). Dubai’s summer heat is a fact, and there’s no getting around it.

But here’s the thing: the summer heat isn’t an obstacle to enjoying Dubai. After all, people were living here for generations before air conditioning was invented. And, no, they didn’t all die of heat stroke.

There’s a reason foreign expats have flocked here for the high-paying jobs and easy lives. Today, though temperatures may be high, a summer holiday in Dubai is a wonderful experience.

Climate Control

Dubai truly is a futuristic city. For instance, if you don’t want to go outside, you don’t have to.

Though air conditioning is a prerequisite in equatorial cities the world over, Dubai has elevated climate control into an art form. Here, AC is a given, as necessary as running water and electricity. The government routinely issues directions on proper AC usage, and more impressively, plans to build the world’s largest, climate-controlled city , an eight million square foot shopping, lifestyle, and recreation center (that’s still green).

Megaprojects aside, it’s very easy to limit your exposure to Dubai’s searing summer heat. There is a range of excellent, convenient transportation options, from Dubai’s reliable, modern, inexpensive, and comfortable metro to the endless cheap, readily available, and air-conditioned taxis. For the most part, taxis are easy to find and often the preferred method of getting around town. Given that tourist volume in the summer months is the lowest it will be all year , you won’t have to battle with other travelers to grab a taxi to your next destination.

Few other travelers

Though Dubai is a large city, and not one that is often empty, you’re not likely to encounter a lot of tourists in the summer months. Lines which would stretch around the block in high season (November through March) are greatly reduced, as expats and even locals depart Dubai for trips elsewhere. The introverts among us will enjoy the quieter tourist attractions; extroverts will appreciate the opportunities to make new social networks with little distraction (or competition); and lastly, shoppers will notice merchants who are more eager to negotiate prices (and boost sales).

Best of all, summer in Dubai means two things: lower prices and better value for your dirham.

This may be the best legacy of the summer heat. Unlike other international destinations, summer is the low season in Dubai–which translates to steep discounts and fantastic value added offers. Research from hotel booking website Agoda reveals that summer (April through October) is the most affordable time for Dubai hotels.

Hotels that go for $300 a night are slashed to around $150 in July, a discount of around 50%. That means you can stay twice as long for just as much money.

The point is that summer is the least trafficked season of all–and all business, from five-star hotels to giant, sprawling shopping malls–slash their prices. Some, like hoteliers eager for business, will even throw in a range of otherwise pricey amenities, such as comprehensive spa treatments, luxurious massages, or even upgrades to more luxurious (and unoccupied) rooms.

Travel to Dubai in Summer

Enjoy the desert…as it was meant to be enjoyed

You may think that the desert sands are a roiling, hot wasteland–but nothing could be further from the truth. In the expert hands of our guides and drivers, the desert becomes a pleasant experience–temperate, comfortable, and permeated by a wild, natural beauty. In fact, we’ve even arranged summer-only desert safaris –special experiences tailored to the charms of this unique, little-explored season.

At night, long after the heat of the midday sun, the desert sands are a cool contrast to the rest of the city. During this time of day, the empty sands teem with life, from a whole range of nocturnal animals to extravagant desert safaris and journeys. Join our friendly, knowledgeable guides and staff, all of whom are intimately familiar with the many faces of the desert, for an unforgettable night.

If you’re thinking of stopping over in Dubai during the summer (or at any other time), take a look at our full Dubai Stopover Guide.

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