Ramadan in Dubai

The holy month of Ramadan is almost upon us. This year Ramadan should fall in between 16th May – 13th June 2018.

During this (lunar calendar) month-long period, the social and cultural climate of the city transforms. Work days shorten, shops change their hours of operation, and things generally slow down. This is all in deference of this sacred month, where Muslims fast in order to purify their bodies.

What does fasting during Ramadan entail? When the sun is out, Muslims must abstain completely from anything parsing their lips and entering their body. That translates to no eating, drinking, or smoking after sunrise and before sunset. It also means keeping a general purity of body and mind, meaning that sexual activity, cursing, and impure thoughts are off limits.

In Dubai, people are generally more focused on living a righteous, pious life. But while everyone fasts throughout the day, the breaking of fast at sunset, known as Iftar, is one of the best experiences Dubai has to offer.

Iftar is a reward for making it through the day without so much as a sip of water. Typically, fast is broken with two dates and a glass of water. However, the ensuing meal (especially in Dubai) is always worth the wait.

Multiple courses of decadent, finely prepared food (like the always delicious Lamb Ouzi) taste better after a day without food or water. Sharing it with people who have done the same makes it all the more special.

Come, join us for Iftar. Check out our Ramadan in Dubai Guide.