Ever wondered where your tips go?

It is very common in business to hear comments like “our best attribute is our staff”, “without our staff we would not be successful” etc.
However, how many times do your staff give you proof? Evidence of how truly amazing they are? A tangible quantifiable way to back up a statement like the one’s above? Well it happened to me a few weeks ago when some of our Guides walked up to my desk and asked if they can do something to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. We discussed a range of options and it was agreed that the best way to help people is to provide the tools for people to help themselves and their communities. We decided that providing loans via www.kiva.com would be the most productive way for us to help.

A Kiva Profile page of Platinum Heritage Team

What has shocked me is that all of our Guides now want to donate a portion of their tips each month towards a charitable cause via Kiva.
I am really proud of my team and hope that our guests dig deep for our guys knowing that they have received tremendous service and the effect of their tip will ripple down to the world’s most needy people.