Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience

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Bedouin are the nomadic desert-dwellers of this region, who have been traversing the golden sand dunes of Dubai and surviving in the desert for centuries. As the oldest inhabitants of this region, these legends of Arabia are known for their resourcefulness and hospitality. The Bedouin Experience rewinds back over 100 years ago pre-1920’s before there were cars or any modern amenities in the desert. This experience takes you on a cultural and historical adventure into a bygone era and gives you the chance to live a day in the life of a Bedouin in the Dubai desert.

Get out of your comfort zone and walk in the footsteps of Bedouin tribes. Embrace their fascinating culture and experience the meaning of nomadic and the simple life in a rediscovery of Dubai’s roots, Bedouin life and the desert. Eat traditional food, ride camels, listen to stories passed down through the generations from these wandering souls about their culture and heritage. Explore a Bedouin village reconstructed traditionally in the heart of the Dubai desert near a charming oasis.

With no frills or fuss, this Bedouin Experience offers the closest encounter you will get to actually reliving a traditional experience of the UAE’s cultural heritage. This off-the-beaten-track experience is for people who want to learn about the local culture. The Bedouin camp is situated in the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve which is the largest unfenced Desert Reserve in the UAE.