Our Location

We conduct our Desert Safaris in pristine protected and private desert areas in Dubai. Our location is an approximately 45-minute drive from the city, and all of our Desert Safaris include Hotel pick-up and drop off.

Royal Desert Retreat

To maintain exclusivity and to ensure that our locations are secure, all of our camps are located in private property owned by the Royal family. Located next door to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, this is also prime positioning for accessing the reserve for wildlife drives. We build all of our camps from scratch, down to every last detail. We are meticulous in creating unique and charming desert settings for our Guests to experience the true magic of the Dubai desert. To maintain authenticity, all of our Bedouin camps have been traditionally built out of raw materials to replicate a genuine Bedouin desert camp. In line with our Sustainability Mission, all our camps are operated by solar power.

Platinum Heritage Dubai Desert Location

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

As the only ecotourism Desert Safari company in Dubai, we are committed to protecting the natural habitat of Dubai and showcasing its beauty to responsible travellers from around the world.

We conduct all of our wildlife drives in the UAE’s first national reserve, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which is a 225 sq km protected area. This unspoiled desert area is teeming with life and is home to 50 plant species, 120 birds and 43 mammals and reptiles. Find out more about the fauna and flora in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Platinum Heritage Dubai Desert Location

Inside the reserve, we follow set tracks to ensure that the biodiversity of the desert isn’t damaged. Our Conservation Guides are professionally trained with extensive knowledge of the desert ecosystem. During the wildlife drives, our Guests learn about the fascinating desert fauna and flora, spot native wildlife like Arabian oryx and gazelles, and discover how Bedouin lived in harmony with the natural habitat.  

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is not publicly accessible and there are only a few tour operators who conduct Desert Safaris in this area. On behalf of every Guest, we donate towards conservation efforts in the reserve.